2016 Spring Pennzoil AutoFair
Brad Bowling

Here is the Vintage Fire Truck & Equipment crew, ready to meet our readers.

The Vintage Fire Truck & Equipment crew has just returned from the 2016 Spring Pennzoil AutoFair. We spent four days in the beautiful Carolinas at the largest automotive car show and swap meet in the country! Organizers at Charlotte Motor Speedway asked us to prepare an exhibit for the event’s Showcase Garage of unusual vintage fire vehicles, and we did not disappoint. The biennial AutoFairs are run by members of the Hornets Nest Region of the Antique Automobile Club of … Read the rest of the story…

1947 Ford Fire Truck – Issue No. 4 Cover Story
Jack Harrison


For Issue No. 4 of Vintage Fire Truck & Equipment, Candace Brown delved deep into the history of this 1947 Ford fire truck. A young lady from Black Diamond, Washington, saw the decrepit Ford riding on the back of a truck on its way to the scrapyard, and she told her great-grandfather that it looked just like the truck in photos she had seen in the Black Diamond Museum. That was in 2012. Today, after the tremendous effort of volunteers, … Read the rest of the story…

A Trip to Montana’s Copper Country
Bill Hattersley


It was July 1994, and Carol and I were taking a photo trip to Idaho and Montana’s copper country. We picked up our 10-year-old nephew, Matthew, in eastern Washington, continued to Rupert, Idaho, to meet fellow rig-buff, Mark Boatwright. After two successful days of rig photography in the Boise, Idaho, area, we headed north towards Butte and Anaconda, Montana. In many ways, that part of the U.S. was like going back in time about 20 years. The Coke still came … Read the rest of the story…

1922 American LaFrance – Issue No. 3 Cover Story
Jack Harrison


For Issue No. 3 of Vintage Fire Truck & Equipment, Managing Editor Brad Bowling and I visited this 1922 American LaFrance in the small agricultural community of Farmland, Indiana. We visited with members of the town’s volunteer fire department, which has a long and proud history of protecting the community. The department’s symbol of its longtime service is the 1922 American LaFrance engine built on a Ford TT truck chassis. The department retired the ALF from fire duty in 1954, … Read the rest of the story…

1948 International LaFrance Thibault Tiller
Jack Harrison

FT 01-3 #02 01 400

I hope you enjoy this feature on a 1948 International LaFrance Thibault Tiller that has had four lives. We shot it for our Issue no. 4 of Vintage Fire Truck & Equipment. People frequently use phases such as “one of a kind”, “one in a million,” or “in a class by itself.” Too often those statements are mere hyperbole and highly inaccurate. Such is not the case for our featured apparatus. This truck, from its inception, was truly one of … Read the rest of the story…

Dodge R-2 Crash Truck
Brad Bowling

FT 01-3 #09 03 400

For Issue No. 3 of Vintage Fire Truck & Equipment, we featured Dave Morter’s Dodge R-2 Crash Truck, which is based on the M-56 chassis, with a wheelbase of 126 inches. It actually has a longer name than that: it is officially a Truck, Fire, Airplane, Forcible Entry, Type R-2. Whatever you want to call it, I had a good time talking to Dave about his truck and photographing it at a local airport. Click here to buy Issue No. 3. … Read the rest of the story…

1926 Howard-Cooper
Candace Brown

IMG_1219 400

For Issue No. 3 of Vintage Fire Truck & Equipment, I photographed this 1926 Howard-Cooper triple combo in Maple Valley, Washington, and interviewed its caretaker, Dan Nicholas. George Howard and D.I. Cooper established Howard-Cooper Corp. in 1912 in Portland, Oregon, to manufacture equipment for building and paving roads. This triple combo was built in Portland on an International chassis and sold to the small city of Blaine, Washington. Click here to buy Issue No. 3. … Read the rest of the story…

Bangor Ladder
Jack Harrison

FT 01-3 #08 02 400

Have you ever given much thought to the story behind the Bangor Ladder? In Issue No. 3 of Vintage Fire Truck & Equipment, Mary Pacinda takes a look at the history of one of firefighting’s most common tools. Although tall buildings and their safe elevators were in many ways very practical solutions to overcrowded cities, they posed a challenge for firefighters: how to safely reach the upper floors from outside during a rescue. Click here to buy Issue No. 3. … Read the rest of the story…